PERKASA presented two forklift brands with different models at the 2019
Manufacturing Indonesia event, namely the Nichiyu electric forklift and the
Mitsubishi diesel forklift. Even though the trend towards electric-powered
forklifts is currently on the rise, demand for diesel models is still high.
That is why, according to Mawardi Hasbi, Sales Section Head of PT Berca Mandiri
Perkasa, his company is still displaying two forklift models that are currently
managed by his company.

“We do have
both. We display both of them so that if there is a customer who really needs
an electric one, he can see the unit too. If you need a diesel one, the engine
is also available,” he told Equipment Indonesia when we met at the
Manufacturing Indonesia 2019 exhibition, Friday (6/12/2019).

Mawardi said, for
Mitsubishi engine or diesel forklifts, PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa provides forklifts
ranging from 1 ton to 30 tons in capacity. Meanwhile, the electric ones
produced by Nichiyu are available in variants ranging from 1 ton to 5 tons. For
this electric one, he explained, the energy source is a lead acid battery or a
wet battery. “But we have started preparing for the use of lithium
batteries,” he said.

According to him,
the plan is that in early 2020, Berca Mandiri Perkasa will start displaying
electric forklifts powered by lithium batteries. The forklift, according to
Mawardi, was produced by Nichiyu.

He added, of the
two forklift models currently being offered by Berca Mandiri Perkasa, the
diesel engine model from Mitsubishi was the most in demand. This is not solely
because of the popularity of the Mitsubishi brand; because of current market
demand, there are still more diesel models.

“However, the
trend for electric ones continues to rise in accordance with environmental
issues. Every year the percentage is increasing,” he said while mentioning
the demand for electric forklifts, though it’s slightly sloping, the trend is

According to Mawardi, most of the demand for electric forklifts comes from the
food and beverage industries. Besides that, the need is quite high in the
company. Warehouse management companies and logistics companies


PT Berca Mandiri
Perkasa is an old player in the forklift market in Indonesia. According to
Mawardi, overall, of the two forklift brands they are agents for, this company
controls a market share of 30%. To maintain this market share, according to
him, the most important strategy is product support. “What we prioritize
the most is product support. From the availability of spare parts to mechanical
readiness, we will continue to improve all of that,” he said.

After sales support
(ASS) is supported by an extensive corporate network. Mawardi said that
currently, PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa, which is part of the Altrak 1978 Group,
already has 40 branches throughout Indonesia. This extensive network makes it
easier for them to provide services to their customers.

He said the
company’s vision and mission are to provide satisfaction to customers.
Therefore, the company continues to maintain relationships with customers to
maintain market share. Meanwhile, on the internal side of the company, improving
human resources at all levels is also being carried out.

“We are
increasing the ability of human resources, starting from salesmen, fellow
mechanics, and spare parts, all of us are at the level of ability. Of course,
at the managerial level, there must also be an increase in ability,” he

In 2019, in the
midst of sluggish economic conditions, Mawardi admitted that sales of Berca
Mandiri Perkasa forklifts were relatively stagnant or the same as in 2018.
“It may seem that there has been a slight decline, but it is still good.
You could say our expectations are at least the same as last year (2018),”
he said.

Apart from the
sluggish economic conditions, the declining demand was also due to the fact
that 2019 was a political year, so many companies postponed business expansion.
He is optimistic that in 2020, the demand for forklifts will increase again
because a new government has been formed. “Of course, we hope that this
year will be much better than the previous year,” he concluded.

(Mawardi Hasbi
Sales Section Head PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa, with electric powered Nichiyu forklift)

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