The industry continues to develop with the times, and now many sectors use heavy
equipment to facilitate their work, such as agriculture, logistics, construction, mining,
and many others. Heavy equipment has many types, and each unit has a different
purpose, one of which is the Forklift.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who are
not interested because they think that heavy equipment is too complicated and difficult
to control.

This prompted PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa (Berca) as one of the agencies present at the
‘Forklift Indonesia’ exhibition, to create an activity to make it easier for ordinary people
to understand how heavy equipment, especially forklifts, operate. This exhibition was
organized by GEM Indonesia on May 24–26, 2023, located at JI Expo Kemayoran.

In this exhibition, Berca invites visitors to take part in the Forklift Basket Challenge,
which takes place every day during the exhibition. Participants who participate are
previously taught how to operate the Forklift, and then they have to put a basketball into the hoop using another Forklift for a certain amount of time to get a prize. “It turns out that operating heavy equipment is also easy, like playing an arcade game,” said Kiki,
one of the participants in the activity.

This activity uses the Nichiyu Forklift unit models FB15 and FBRW15 as a means to
hang a basketball hoop and put the basketball in. This activity is open to the public with
only one condition, which is that they follow Instagram @bercamandiriperkasa.official,
visitors can operate forklifts during the specified time.

The visitors expressed appreciation to the organizers of this activity for its creativity. Pak Majid, one of the participants, said if this activity adds to one’s experience in operating heavy equipment in a unique way. By conducting this activity, it is hoped that the community will become more familiar with heavy equipment that is often used in
industry and how to operate it.

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