PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa held an Open House event to introduce its new depot located in the Delta Silicone III area, Lipo Cikarang, West Java, Friday (10/3/2023). The event was attended by many customers and prospective customers of the company from various industries in the Cikarang area and its surroundings.

Berca took advantage of this opportunity to introduce the various products it carries, including the various facilities available at the new depot. “The main purpose of this event is to introduce the new Depot of PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa in the Central Cikarang area while we introduce the various products and services available here,” said Galih Eko Prasetyo, Depot Head of PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa for the Cikarang area.

Galih said that the industrial development in the eastern part of Jakarta is very rapid. “There are many factories here. New industrial areas keep popping up. We want to work on those factories by supplying the various equipment they need,” he said.

Berca Mandiri Perkasa is part of PT ALtrak 1978, which deals in various categories of equipment such as forklifts (Mitsubishi, Nichiyu, and BYD), generators (Berca Power), heavy equipment (Lonking and XCMG), and port equipment (Konecranes).

.For forklifts, the company provides a variety of models, ranging from diesel, electric to lithium battery forklifts. Nichiu is an electric forklift, while BYD uses lithium batteries. “Forklifts that use lithium batteries are very attractive because of fast charging. Customers who have multiple shifts, we can offer these lithium batteries,” Galih said.

He added that electric forklifts and lithium batteries are widely used in food and beverage, medicine, chemical, or dust-prone factories. These tools work without emissions, making it safe to operate in these factories.

Although this depot is located in the Cikarang area, according to Galih, the area he wants to work on is quite wide ranging from Cikarang, Cikampek, Purwakarta, Subang, Indramayu to Cirebon. “There are many factories scattered in various industrial areas. Their equipment needs vary from heavy equipment, forklifts, generators, and many more. We are ready to help fulfil their equipment needs,” he said.

The Cikarang depot is designed to be a branch office in the future. Therefore, the facilities available here are quite complete. In addition to stocking machine units, there is also a spare parts warehouse for both fast moving and slow moving parts for all products. There is also a workshop for service and CSO. “You don’t need to worry, we are ready to fully support the machines purchased from us. We have prepared a spare parts warehouse and service team,” Galih assured.

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