Oil palm plantations in Indonesia have become a large-scale industry that is managed effectively and efficiently. No exception in the workmanship of work such as garden construction and channel cleaning, foundation excavation, construction of oil palm harvest roads, dredging trenches and pikul markets (road access) which require heavy equipment, namely Excavators.

However, to adjust land (soil) conditions, especially on unstable soils to be more effective and efficient, excavators with a capacity that is not too large are needed. So that heavy equipment (Excavator) can work optimally when operating. This is in line with the mechanisation that is being carried out in the oil palm plantation sector to maximise land management and increase productivity.

To support effective and efficient plantation operations, one of the companies engaged in heavy equipment distributors, PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa provides solutions. This solution is realised by offering an Excavator with a capacity of 6 tonnes, with the Lonking brand, the Lonking CDM 6060 Excavator.

Product Manager Heavy Equipment, PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa, Jhony explained that understanding the operational needs in oil palm plantations, his party offers mini excavators that can be a mainstay to answer customer needs in oil palm plantations.

“The CDM 6060 Mini Excavator (6 tonne capacity) has specifications that are suitable for the oil palm plantation segment and has a compact design and is very efficient in operation,” he explained.

Furthermore, Jhony added that the CDM6060 type Lonking Excavator has a 0.25m³ Bucket specification, Yanmar engine with 36.2KW Engine power, 5.965m Maximum Digging Reach, 3.762m Maximum Digging Depth, 0.25m³ Bucket Digging Power, 45° Arm Holding Power.

“From the existing specifications, it is no wonder that the Lonking Excavator type CDM 6060 has features and advantages over other products, namely more compact, economical, and efficient,” he added, still in a written statement.

With the vast area of oil palm plantations, heavy equipment that is able to work optimally, effectively and efficiently is needed. This is a consideration for consumers. Based on these needs, PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa since 2019 began expanding into the oil palm plantation sector to offer various product advantages and existing after-sales services.

Jhony explained that his party has entered the oil palm plantation sector for three years to offer the CDM6060 type Lonking Excavator. “Consumers will get added value if consumers use Excavators which are our flagship products, including efficiency, easy maintenance, still mechanical, and spare parts are easy to obtain,” he explained.

Related to maintaining product durability, PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa offers periodic maintenance service contracts. This not only makes it easier for consumers, but will maintain the unit’s usage period. It is known that durability is the resistance possessed by the product when used. The longer the usage period of a product, it can be said that the quality is also getting better.

Armed with experience as a company engaged in the field of heavy equipment distributors, PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa and has 23 branch offices and 18 Depots. Currently, the sales of Lonking CDM6060 Excavator units have been relatively increasing every year. “The demand for heavy excavator equipment in the oil palm plantation sector, especially for the CDM 6060 Excavator, is quite a lot,” explained Jhony.

With quite a lot of demand for the Lonking CDM 6060 Excavator, it is an opportunity for PT Berca Mandiri Perkasa to increase sales. This indirectly supports the mechanisation of oil palm plantations which is already widely carried out in the plantation sector which is the national leading sector.

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