LG876N is a 7-ton class wheel loader from LONKING that is very tough and easy to operate, designed to provide optimal per-forma to reduce operating costs. Powered by Weichai Stage III engine, LG876N Wheel Loader comes with ZF Electrict control transmition and full automatic electrict propotional shift. ZF Electrict control transmition effectively reduce operator load to operate units in difficult areas such as mineral, coal and sand mining

Using a Performance Series 7 m’ bucket, it can load 10% more material, and is able to pick up material in the stack more easily, increasing productivity and reducing fuel consumption. There is a full automatic propotional shift system that helps the operator to operate the unit stably and automatically calculate the voltage applied to the engine so as to save fuel and maintain operator safety

The Wheel Loader SEM676D equipped with a super large 350L battery material tank so as to extend the operational hours before being filled again. LG876N is a tough and reliable Wheel Loader in its class. Double roller bearings are used to neutralize and distribute loads vertically and horizontally over a larger surface area.

Forward- Neutral- Reverse controller and joystick working control, together with 2nd to 4th automatic gear shift and E-control automatic alignment function help improve operator efficiency and comfort.

Operator comfort is one of the main focuses in the design of this tool. There is a spacious interior space that provides good visibility in the integral shaped cabin, and the function of fresh air pressure for better ventilation there is air conditioning in the cabin. The wide-angle hood provides easy access to maintenance and service points, as well as centralized lubrication points to reduce maintenance time.

Designed with safety in mind, the LG876N Wheet Load-er is equipped with a gear lock (Cear Lock) to ensure that it only turns on when in neutral. Maintenance-free sibgle circuit caliper brake system and battery

In addition, there are ergonomically placed non-slip access platforms, handrails and guardrails that allow the operator to maintain three points of contact and prevent slipping or falling during stabbing or exiting the machine.

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