The Mitsubishi Forklift FD 15-35N is a reliable and efficient forklift, designed to handle a variety of material handling needs. With lifting capacities ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 tons, this forklift offers optimal performance in a variety of industrial applications. Equipped with a powerful diesel engine and advanced hydraulic system, the FD 15-35N ensures smooth and efficient operations. Its ergonomic design provides maximum comfort for the operator, while integrated safety features enhance work safety. The right choice to improve your productivity and operational efficiency.

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LIFT HEIGHT(std)3000mm3000mm3000mm3000mm3000mm3000mm3000mm
Front tires6.50-10-10PR6.50-10-10PR6.50-10-/5.007.00-12-12PR7.00-12-12PR28x9-15-12PR250-15-16PR
Rear Tires5.50-8-8-PR5.50-8-8-PR5.00-8/3.006.00-9-10PR6.00-9-10PR6.50-9-10PR6.50-9-10PR
LOAD CENTER500mm500mm500mm500mm500mm500mm500mm
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