Effortless 360 ̊ in siut steering in confined space is available thanks to small turning radius.
Compact chasis allows easy access to narrow aisle applications.
Small and short load wheels facilitate access to multiple mast height configurations between racks, making it easy to use in warehouse and racks of different sizes.
Versatile battery capacities for various travell distances and running times. Optional driving modes for versatile scenarios.
Enhance efficieny with swift lifting and travelling.

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Nobelift Forklift ModelPower TypeCapacity (Kg)Load Center (mm)Overal Leght with Fork (mm)Overal Width (mm)Standart Fork L*W*T ( mm)
RT 15DPELECTRICT1500600396210801070 X 100 X 40
RT 15SPELECTRICT1500600396210801071 X 100 X 40
RT 20SPELECTRICT2000600396210801072 X 120 X 40
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